Education Abroad Opportunities for MacEwan University Students

Taking part in an education abroad program will have a great impact on your personal, academic, and professional life. You will not only learn about and better understand other cultures, but you will also learn about yourself and your abilities and gain new skills. It is a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world and start a network of like-minded people for your future career. While abroad, you will encounter different ways of thinking and doing and gain new perspectives. All of this will have a positive impact on your academic experience.

  • Exchange programs take you to one of our partner institutions for one or two terms to study full-time while paying your regular tuition to MacEwan University. Most students are eligible to earn transfer credits for courses taken while on exchange.

  • Summer programs are short-term academic programs at our partner institutions. Summer programs can last from three weeks to two months and you may earn transfer credits toward your MacEwan University degree or diploma program.

  • Internships allow you to gain work experience abroad during your academic program. They usually are between two and four months in length and are over the summer or during semesters. Credited and non-credited internships are available. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming internship opportunities.

  • Study tours are MacEwan courses taught abroad and led by faculty. Credit is awarded directly by MacEwan University. Study tours combine fieldwork, lectures, and site visits to deliver a comprehensive academic experience. Study tours can be several weeks in length.

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*Looking for a way to take elective courses outside of your program while you are abroad? We can make this happen, but you must speak with an education abroad advisor to learn about your options.
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Steps to apply:

1. Before deciding to study abroad, it is important to learn about the various opportunities. Attend an information session, do some research and find your program of interest.

2. Book an appointment with Education Abroad to find detailed information about the program you are interested in.

3. Meet with a program/academic advisor from your MacEwan program of study to get advice on your academic planning and to learn about the courses that you plan to take that will transfer back to your degree or diploma program credits at MacEwan University.

4. Prepare all documents and apply online to the Education Abroad Opportunities at MacEwan University. Students who apply for semester exchanges may have to attend an interview.

5. Students who are selected will be nominated to the host institution and must then go through another application process at the host institution. MacEwan International Education Abroad team will guide you through the process. Note: You cannot apply before you are nominated by MacEwan University.

6. After you receive a letter of acceptance from your host institution, you need to make travel arrangements (e.g., visa, flights, accommodation, health insurance, etc.)

7. Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation and register with MacEwan’s Emergency Response Services at least 30 days before departure.

8. While attending your host university, you are still considered a MacEwan University student. Ensure that you are enrolled in the MacEwan exchange course and pay all associated tuition and fees.

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